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b. 1986, HK.


My journey began with writing, which is my first passion. However, through higher education and hands on experience my skills have expanded through digital media, content creation, marketing, production, graphic design, and media management. My love for these mediums began as a child in my hometown Detroit, Michigan and grew with me through adolescence and into adulthood. I found my voice as a Journalism major at Georgia State University researching and writing stories on topics ranging from analytical artist profiles, to the latest news on food preparation in the school cafeterias. My love for content creation grew as I participated in student run media, and minored in Photography. After graduating in 2015, I then went on to pursue my masters degree in Media Studies from The New School in Manhattan, New York. Somehow while there, I was persuaded that it would also be beneficial to get a certificate in Media Management, but I’m grateful to the one that told me because this helped me to become more business-minded. The New School allowed me the space to grow as a creator and storyteller by equipping me with the tools and resources necessary to approach content from innovative perspectives digitally and artistically. Today, I continue to express myself through my craft as best as I can with the knowledge that I’ve accumulated along the way.


Stay present. Be mindful. Do the work.


  • Making midday tea.

  • Hitting shuffle and all of my favorite songs coming on one after the other.

  • Running into a friend serendipitously on the street.

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