Sweet Release: A Guest Post for Jessica Hughee


I’ve been blessed to encounter a variety of people in my life. Some of them were quirky, some mean, some funny, and some so sweet that you could get a tooth ache in their presence. Then there are people like Jessica Hughee who represents so many aspects about black women that I admire. When she asked me to contribute a guest post to her lifestyle blog, I couldn’t refuse. The end result was a reflective piece titled Sweet Release, which stands as a time stamp for where I was mentally at that time and also tells about the tools that I embraced to move forward. Here is an excerpt:

I’ve found that my balance and stability come from reminding myself on a constant basis that all of these feelings, these thoughts, these challenges, and these moments of uncertainty are ephemeral. They may seem like they will last forever, but the bigger picture is that they won’t. So instead of fighting against what is happening, I learn to make peace with it and go with the flow of what life hands me.

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