Verge of Verse: Nurturing Time

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Verge of Verse is an online platform made for creatives of all backgrounds to come and share themselves through short stories, essays, poems, photos, and a plethora of other mediums. As a contributor, I had the pleasure of writing a piece discussing a topic that has been dear to me for a while. Here is an excerpt of it:

To my surprise, much of my adult life has consisted of me unlearning old lessons while simultaneously having to reteach and restructure my thoughts with new beliefs. Most profoundly I’ve understood this within my relationship to time and action. As someone who thrives in movement and who often clung to the idea of needing to constantly be busy all of the time, it took me awhile to understand that being busy and being productive were sometimes mutually exclusive. While both entail effort and concentration, one is geared more towards actual impact and change.

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