An Honest Review of Being 26


Stuck in them 20 somethings

Good luck on them 20 somethings

God bless them 20 somethings.


There are 20-year-olds walking around with full life plans, and booming careers, and padded savings accounts. They seem to know themselves completely inside and out, and as I am neither of those things yet at 26, I am struggling to understand where I fit into the equation. At 26, everything feels like it’s melting. What does this mean about my journey thus far? Somehow it seems silly to have come this far and still be unclear about the direction of the road.

In some ways I feel like I’ve gone on the alchemist’s journey, which is ironic because the first time I read it I disliked the ending. I kept thinking: “all of that for nothing?” For some reason it really frustrated me that the main character had gone through so much to get to where he was going, only to end up back where he started. I spoke about it later with a friend, and they kept trying to explain to me that it was all about the journey. It was hard for me to just accept that answer though. Why would the character be guided to leave, if he would eventually be forced to go back?

This is the same question I’ve had to ask God about myself lately, and admittedly the answer is still just as frustrating. However, with a little more perspective I am at least able to accept it now. My life is not linear, and I’m sure that throughout the course of it I will bend into many more uncomfortable shapes, and walk down many more roads that I never actually wanted to take, but at the end I will be different. My friend was right. It is about the journey, and the destination point is me. Each path that I take may not go far, but in any case they each will lead me back to myself.